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Powdered Milk, how long will it last?

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I've been picking up powdered milk a little at a time and putting it away. This is one item I don't normally use, so I haven't been rotating it. Can someone tell me how long it will last? I don't want to keep buying it and have it end up being bad later on.
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For drinking or cereal milk, I agree you need to find the right ratio. Also, you can "sweeten the deal" if you have children especially, by adding a touch of sugar to it and/or vanilla - helps to get them used to it. Make sure you mix it the night before you want to use it, if you're using it for cereal because being cold seems to help it a lot.

Full-fat (whole) milk has a much shorter storage life than does skimmed milk powder, but I still get some.

Learn to rotate your milk powder. Even if you don't drink it, it's useful in a lot of different ways. Recipes often call for milk or buttermilk - you can use powdered milk in these and save money.

Here's a page with lots of tips and hints for using powdered milk in all sorts of ways, and it even has a conversion chart (like, if your recipe says use 1/2 cup of milk, it gives you the number of tablespoons of powdered milk to use plus the amount of water)
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