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So a few months ago I planted some potatos in a 5 gallon bucket. I started it in my basement as it is still pretty cold here in Indiana. Here is what I did.

Drilled 3-4 holes in the side of the bucket about 2-3" from bottom
2"-3" of rock in bottom
3" of potting soil placed potato with eyes pointing up
Covered the potato with dirt so it was about 1" under the surface.

Watered, grow lights(8-10 hours a day), and covered them when ever they got about 3" above the surface.

When the bucket was full I stopped watering and placed them out in the sun light for a week. Then my impatient got the better of me so I checked and no potato other then the one I started with.

At first I thought I didn't wait long enough but there where no signs of small potato growth. Maybe too much light?
I grow several Thousand pounds of three varieties of Potatos here in Northern Maine and I can tell you that buckets and potatoes don't mix. The potato by nature is Ambitious, It's Roots expand constantly, up to an inch a day under ideal conditions as it branches out, it pushes dirt in several directions in order to spread the root system outward, the bucket has limits and will cause compaction. It also prevents the plant from flushing out impurities, it needs to breath above and below ground. So you will need to move the plant carefully to a much larger container, like a 3 foot wide Water trough or a wash tub with handles on it. Also almost all varieties of potatoes need pure sunlight and will not Grow a adequate stamin and pistel for pollinateing and producing potatoes. Some plants are very hardy and may overcome restrictions, but this is a rare thing. And as previously stated in a post above, the poster suggests fertilizing the plant itself with spray fertilizer, don't do this, the potato leaves are broad grain filtering and can be damaged in their water and sunlight uptake process. They will slow down production when food is directly applied to the leaves. Also you can gently and carefully aerate the soil surrounding the plant to increase productivity. Be patient, know your varieties growth term(100 days) etc. to maturity. It takes time. and try not to pull them up and peek.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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