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Post reading contemplations....

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Just got done reading Alas Babylon and have to admit, it got me thinking about alot of stuff that I may be leaving out of my plans.

First two that came to mind is Coffee and Salt. Long term wise how do you get either? I mean I've definitely added both to my list (along with a descent stovetop coffee pot) for normal stockup. But what happens when you run out. Obviously coffee is a luxury so it's not my main concern. But salt is a necessity and I'm sure not everyone is as fortunate as the protagonist in AB, having a "salt field" within a day's walk/ride where they will have an unlimited amount to harvest.

Is there anything naturally that can be harvested in mountain areas like in WV that would contain salt?

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Thanks guys. I'm planning on storing alot of salt. My question is how much can you expect to need during the period of a year? Broken down into two aspects:

1. Dietary requirements per person
2. Preservative purposes requirements

And "IF" my preparations fall short, is there a way to harvest Salt that could provide a practical "plan b" solution? Not saying I'd want to do it but since I don't live near the ocean the only option I have heard of is out the window.

As for Coffee, I'll have to do some more research. I've never thought of roasting my own beans. Of course I have a coffee grinder, unfortunately it's electric so I'll have to revise that plan lol.

Thanks again for the help.

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