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i wanna hear about what people are carrying on there person in the woods. i keep most of what i carry on me in a small possibles pouch with my large ferro rod on a necklace and mi knife on my belt. so here's the contents of my pouch, almost all items are multi use items so i wont try to post their uses
pouch- a small homemade duct tape pouch with velcro
gear- oven bag, small repair kit with floss needles, safety pins, buttons etc., small ferro rod as a backup, wire, more floss, small nails, 15 lb test fishing line, purification tabs, t.p., butterfly bandaids and asorted pills, alcohol prep pads, coffe filters, tinder- p.j. cotton balls, foil, duct tape, 5-10 feet of strong cord.
i wanna hear suggestions and what some other people carry on their person when in the woods

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Got a necklace of braided paracord with firesteel, whistle, button light and want to add a compass too, have a knife on my belt, water bottle, and a small pack with more cord, multitool, first aid kit and a survival blanket and maybe some museli bars and boiled sweets. Along with some warm clothes and a jacket.

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This is what I take into the wilderness with me on a day long hike.
First aid kit.
Head lamp
Cammenga lensatic compass, tritium
50 ft nylon para cord.
Mylar space blanket and a mylar space blanket bag.
Swiss Army knife - Hunter model
Multiple options for fire making.
Purification tabs plus a filter bottle.
Topo map(s)
Small roll of duct tape

For summer use I add a hydration pouch. Temps can hit 100 and watering spots are far between.

I'm running out of things I really need to take and always kicking myself for taking too much. I have considerable redundancy in what I really need to spend an emergency night out.

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In my short hiking belt kit thing I keep:

1) Leatherman Wave
1) Magnesium Firestarter
1) Canteen and cup
3) Bullion cubes, for my famous squirrel, wintergreen & pine needle soup
1) Mylar sleeping bag
1) Poncho
1) Roll of duct tape
Some other essentials.

I usually carry my crossbow to.

For anything longer than a quick hike I usually just take my regular camping/survival gear.

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1. Knife, Ontario Rat 3
2. Saw, Folding Gerber
3. Flint and steel, Strike Force from Ultimate Survival
4. Light, Streamlight Sidwinder
5. First Aid, small first aid kit with trauma bandage
6. Cord, 50ft 550 cord
7. Tarp, Surplus Poncho Tarp
8. Water, Nalgene 32oz
9. Cooking, steel cup fit over nalgene
10. Compass, Brunton Adventure Racing
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I will throw in a 2l collapsible water bottle and some purification tabs, and if I plan on being gone for more than a few hours I bring some power bars and a powdered drink mix.

Usually I have my glock with 2 mags and at the least my single shot .22 and 100 rounds.

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Maglite 2 AA Incandescant Flashlight
Victorinox Huntsman SAK
Mountain Whistle (pea-less)
Wraparound style head gear (BUFF)
Ferrocium and Striker Firestarter
x2 Spare AA Batteries

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1) Disposible Lighter
2) Magnesium Stick
3) Small Flashlight w/ extra batteries
4) Small Foldup Mirror
5) Small bag of Pistachios & Pecans
6) Jerky
7) Bottle of water
8) Cord
9) Pocket Knife

Pistol and Straight Blade on my belt.

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The Myke Hawke essential 5 are
1. knife
2. matches
3. compass
4. whistle
5 First Aid

I would add

6. water (in nalgene bottle or Army canteen)
7. food (cliff bars, cheese, crackers, tuna in those sealed foil pouches, nuts, raisins)
8. Toilet Paper (in a zip lock Freezer Bag)

All this would fit easily in a small day pack that wouldn't slow you down.
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