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If things play out as forecast, it looks like Hurricane Florence may equal or best Hurricane Harvey.

As of 9/12/2018, the storm is expected to strengthen, then stall as it makes landfall. This is a nightmare situation.

If you are in the path of Hurricane Florence, get out, get out, GET OUT!!!!

There is also a 70% chance of a named storm moving into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.

IF, Hurricane Florence plays out to be a nightmare situation, which I suspect it will be,

And IF, another hurricane makes landfall next week, emergency responders such as FEMA will be overwhelmed. People in the wake of the second hurricane may get limited assistance.

Any hurricane that makes landfall along the gulf coast could interfere with Interstate 10. This would reroute traffic by hundreds of miles.

As if Hurricane Florence were not bad enough, a second hurricane making landfall a week later would make a bad situation much worse.

Hurricane Rita made landfall a month after Hurricane Katrina. The people who evacuated to southeast Texas had to relocate yet again. We were able to get help after Rita, but most of the attention went to Katrina.

We could very well be looking at another replay of Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

Stay safe, and this is why we prep.

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My husband still thinks we're doing a supply run (for the business) this weekend.

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Storm is going to fall apart... I'll be surprised if it lands as anything stronger than a cat 1 hurricane. And, I think it will be a cat 1 because after 1 week of hype they can't call it a tropical storm.

Huge dry pocket and wind sheer on the south side looks like the hurricane is about to lose it's eye wall.

Weather channel is already hyping up how bad it is for the people in its path that the storm storm is weakening "that means a larger area of circulation with life threatening storm surge of 9 feet ...."

Currently winds are down to 115 mph, and they still have it holding at 125 on the future maps all the way to land fall. The topography of NC/SC will rip apart the circulation as it gets closer... And they have no weakening as it gets all the way to the shore and stalls... ugh...

BTW when watching remember they change these predictions every few hours, get as many people emotionally involved (for ratings), get it totally wrong, but say just as they predicted. Southern Virgina gave evacuation orders yesterday because of these fools.

They never acknowledge prior predictions had this storm going out to sea, then berumda, then inland, and today it stays on the coast. they just move forward with the new prediction, assume it will never change, and all in that path will die... except for them. The stand on the beach, in the wind, middle of the storm... but the city is under mandatory evacuation because of them, but they can stay... I hate them.

They show Myrtle Beach having winds no greater than 70 MPH for the duration, but have the storm wit 115 MPH at the coast of Myrtle Beach... WTF.

These weather people are idiots. But we are worse for watching, believing, and never holding them accountable for their actions and sensationalism.

Bunch of ****ing rating whores.
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