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Years ago I got interested in making money online. I am a former I.T. guy who got enough one day (and probably should have stayed in).

So, you sign up for this free ebook, or that free report, or watch a video, or download an audio file trying to educate yourself, and blam! You get hit with hundreds of junk mails a day.

The job boards are all loaded with this stuff too. I was looking for work so hard in a year, that I sent out 15,000 resumes. Oh buddy, now I find out a year later that job boards aren't what they were in the 90's. In the 90's you could actually GET a job using job boards. Now they are just places for email collection, spamware, malware, and the like.

Even though I have successfully signed off of some "opt-in" lists, I still have 50 or so a day that I hit the delete key for.

How many mails do I get a day that I actually want to read? Maybe 3? Maybe 5?

That would be an interesting statistic to know, eh?

I'm new here. Thanks for having me.

I did read the rules, but I'm not sure about something after reading several posts. Are we not allowed to post our web site links in our signature? I haven't seen any.

Y'all have a great day!

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