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I have cross posted this to two other subforums because I think it is important. I may be paranoid, but...

Yesterday I received a no-reply email (sender = [email protected] .com) saying "Your Freedom Order has been shipped" The email provided a tracking number that was a link. I did not click it. I did not order anything from any "Freedom Order" company, and a google search of both "Freedom Order" or and got no hits.

I suspect this email was a fishing email where you click on the link and malware or spyware gets downloaded to your computer from the linked web page. Because of the name "Freedom Orders" I believe person(s) perpetuating this scam would be targeting "survivalists" "tea partiers" or "conservatives"

Possibilities dependent on level of paranoia:

1) I really did forget about something I ordered.
Not bl**dy likely. I don't buy online much, and only from select retailers

2) The source of the email is someone hunting for information in order to make money. By installing spyware, etc. an individual can get an awful lot of personal information, even credit card numbers. Then you really will be ignorant of orders paced in your name.

3) The source of the email is governmental in nature, and spyware would be installed on the computer used to navigate the link. I will leave it up to your imagination on why the govt would be doing that.

Of these three possibilities, I believe #2 is most likely.

Anyone else get a similar email?

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Same S*** Different Day

I get this kind of JUNK all the time from job boards I had to subscribe to because of unemployment requirements in this :taped: State.

I get stuff all the time that says that I had requested to be contacted or that I have applied or subscribed to whatever. I ignor all of it. I did almost get identity thefted once. IT'S AN EVIL WORLD RIGHT NOW!!!

A lot of these SCAMS are in a foreign country and you can do nothing if your identity is stolen.

I'll be closing everything down soon (bank, credit cards, internet, everything) and good luck to the rest of the world in cyperspace. Not that I really want to but unemployment & bankruptcy does things to you.

It's good that you remind people to be careful.

Thanks Anyway!
See Ya After The Apocolypse...

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If you do a Whois search on the domains that these emails come from, you can usually find out some interesting stuff. As you can see, the person who registered also registered, which *looks* legit. There is a possibility that someone has bought something from the site and used your email for some reason. There's a possibility that this could be accidental, but if I were you I would continue to play it safe.

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You mean there are email scams now? Damn, I was just about to send my account information to Jean Baptiste Soglo and claim my 6 mil .....

seriously, I just automatically delete anything that comes from an unrecognized email. I have gotten similar things telling me my order has shipped.... from places I never heard of, telling me my credit card is on hold.... for cards I don't own....etc.

I get at least a few scam emails a week.

Survival Actual
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Their address comes back to an office park which also houses the following businesses..

Byfiled Drug‎
Express Scripts Incompany‎
Freedom Drug‎
Merrimack Mortgage Company‎
Penske Truck Rental‎
Scleroderma Foundation‎
Stolz & Ehre‎
Stor-U-Self of Newbury‎

Someone either used your email address for their order of viagra, so their wife wouldnt know OR
They're sending emails to a mailing list, and when you click the link, it verifys that your email address is a valid one to send ads too OR
You forgot you ordered Ginkgo Biloba.

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Years ago I got interested in making money online. I am a former I.T. guy who got enough one day (and probably should have stayed in).

So, you sign up for this free ebook, or that free report, or watch a video, or download an audio file trying to educate yourself, and blam! You get hit with hundreds of junk mails a day.

The job boards are all loaded with this stuff too. I was looking for work so hard in a year, that I sent out 15,000 resumes. Oh buddy, now I find out a year later that job boards aren't what they were in the 90's. In the 90's you could actually GET a job using job boards. Now they are just places for email collection, spamware, malware, and the like.

Even though I have successfully signed off of some "opt-in" lists, I still have 50 or so a day that I hit the delete key for.

How many mails do I get a day that I actually want to read? Maybe 3? Maybe 5?

That would be an interesting statistic to know, eh?

I'm new here. Thanks for having me.

I did read the rules, but I'm not sure about something after reading several posts. Are we not allowed to post our web site links in our signature? I haven't seen any.

Y'all have a great day!

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