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I have cross posted this to two other subforums because I think it is important. I may be paranoid, but...

Yesterday I received a no-reply email ([email protected] .com) saying "Your Freedom Order has been shipped" The email provided a tracking number that was a link. I did not click it. I did not order anything from any "Freedom Order" company, and a google search of both "Freedom Order" or and got no hits.

I suspect this email was a fishing email where you click on the link and malware or spyware gets downloaded to your computer from the linked web page. Because of the name "Freedom Orders" I believe person(s) perpetuating this scam would be targeting "survivalists" "tea partiers" or "conservatives"

Possibilities dependent on level of paranoia:

1) I really did forget about something I ordered.
Not bl**dy likely. I don't buy online much, and only from select retailers

2) The source of the email is someone hunting for information in order to make money. By installing spyware, etc. an individual can get an awful lot of personal information, even credit card numbers. Then you really will be ignorant of orders paced in your name.

3) The source of the email is governmental in nature, and spyware would be installed on the computer used to navigate the link. I will leave it up to your imagination on why the govt would be doing that.

Of these three possibilities, I believe #2 is most likely.

Anyone else get a similar email?

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Wouldn't blame "liberals" specifically, these guys target everyone.
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