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I've just completed my ESEE-6 Custom Kit.

While initially, I had it stuffed with survival bits, I've decided to whittle it down to just what I need
every single time I go out with this knife and with items that I can use to maintain my -6 with.

[I'm also putting together several redundancy kits that will go in all my kits which will all have the "basics"
(whistle, signal mirror, 1 qt water bag, razor blade, micro first aid kit, fishing bits, Fresnel lense, P-51 can
opener, button compass, water purification tablets, 3'X1' foil, ranger bands, birthday candle, etc...).
This will be an Altoids Tin that I can just throw in any pack/pouch and I will know I have some of
the basics that every kit needs even if it's in an extensively built up pack. If I ever go out with "just"
my -6 and the sheath it resides in, then I'll swap out the tins; You know, for "just in case" scenarios.]

I currently have a Smith's Pocket Pal and Tuf Cloth. I also have a Lansky Puck that
I use on my bigger pieces of steel along with a bastard mill file for my hatchet.

I'd prefer to use a small block to keep the edge on my -6, but if the Smith's Pocket Pal is something that I can trust
(I leave that to the discretion of those who know more about sharpening ESEE's than I do), then I'll keep it.

In being brutally honest, I don't want to damage my -6's edge.
I'm looking for advice on what's best to keep a nice edge on my-6.
Of course, I'm open to all suggestions for any type of sharpening accessories.
Diamond coated rods seem to be the cat's pajamas now. Any input?

What I'm thinking in terms of portable maintenance items are a block or some other sharpening apparatus
and a piece of Tuf-Cloth in a small 1"X3" Ziploc Baggy along with the Credit Card Tool that I can use for
several things among them, tightening any screws on my sheath.


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That Smiths stone should work just fine for your ESEE6.
I just carry a DC4 sharpener in my pack & it works fine too.
I use the leather case it comes in to strop the edge after I sharpen.
You could glue a piece of leather on the bottom of your tin instead if you want to have a strop.

I've not had to tighten the screws on my sheaths,but if I did I'd use the phillips on my SAK.


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this is my kit I carry in my 5.... I have a diamond sharpener, a mag bar, a good compass (with a mirror) and cotton balls covered in PJ....I can use the cotton balls to start a fire or to keep my blade from rusting...the pic is kinda crappy (took it with my phone) but it all fits nicely. I like the the survival card!

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