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Hi Everyone,

Chris here from Seatask - we're new here, but a long time running in the maritime circuit... based in Ft Lauderdale, and specializing in portable off grid desalination, high output watermakers, power and supply - and we have some portable systems here that may be of interest you....

Portable, in field serviceable, reverse osmosis two component desalination systems. With no external power source required, this system is designed to withstand a maritime environment - where no potable water source is available.... which makes the system ideal for solid and versatile shore-based primary or emergency system.

When disaster strikes in small remote areas, entire communities may be found completely isolated, without electricity, and without fresh water.
Without preparation, the entire community can be in a dire struggle for life. In survival situations, fresh water is at the top of the priority list after immediate physical danger. Acquiring a watermaker is a small investment for communities potentially exposed to hurricanes and other natural disasters.

If you live in a remote area or go on extended expeditions, chances are you have been in situations where you only have brackish water. Brackish water will often contain a variety of particulates, bacterias, or tannins. Reverse osmosis is the most thorough way to ensure your water is drinkable.

Militaries around the world use reverse osmosis as their default filtration system. When space and weight is a premium, militaries need the smallest and lightest portable system available. Rainman desalination is the most portable system around.

Using quality components from the UK, USA and Australia, the PSU is built to last, and the system is manufactured by a qualified Honda OEM. The membranes are DowFilmtec from Japan - one of the most trusted names in reverse osmosis.

With a selection of Membrane options, you could be producing up to 32 Gallons per hour with the high output membranes - or 16 gallons per hour with the ECO membranes.

This is certainly not a small output system, but remains portable to suit a variety of applications.

Key elements here, with a focus around remote location application with little or no help or potable water source is - Quality Components, In-Field Repairable (For the mechanically minded), Simple operation (no complex energy recover pumps), Non Proprietary parts (easily sourced) and long life - with the membranes looking at a 8-10 year life with proper care.

Please also note that these are not the same as household RO systems - the high pressure membrane is a self cleaning unit, designed to remove the majority of salt from the source water - which also enables the membranes to be used in Lakes, Streams and other brackish water sources to produce high volumes of potable water.

These RO systems are designed to produce potable water with less than 500PPM TDS - and are NOT used to treat city water that contains chlorine and various other chemicals.

These membranes are the same that are used onboard vessels of all sizes - producing water safe for crew and passengers to drink from the surrounding Sea or Brackish water.

Prices start at $4870 for a complete gasoline system and membranes delivered here in the US.

... If you already have a generator, or external power supply - we have another configuration that allows you to just plug in to an existing AC power source - starting at only $3820....

Feel free to check out our website at or email me direct at [email protected] .... feel free to ask any questions, happy to help with your water desalination questions or prep.....


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