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So, I’ve found and amassed a few work EDC folders that mee the blade restrictions or are close enough to gamble a little:D: A few have already popped out as frequent candidates or for “special occasions”. The irony of the Emerson is that it likely won’t work with dress slacks, but “jeans Friday” would likely be the “Emerson Day”:D:

The Spyderco knives look to be the most promising (other than the Insistent, only because of the heavy frame lock design). Hogue is a top choice, very well executed. I will eventually add an auto version of the X1 to this rotation (A01 arrives next Monday or Tuesday).

For suit-carry, the Spyderco Lil' Native with Compression Lock is looking to be my favorite. I normally don’t care for choils (especially with restricted blade lengths), but this one seems to fit perfectly and you can handle it almost like a full-sized folder; it’s thin, light, love the locking mechanism and blade profile.

Three surprising “value folders” are the Cold Steel Tuff Lite, Honey Badger (over the blade length by about .15”), and Kershaw Shuffle. I really like all three and I have found them extremely well made. Good, high-value, low-price EDC knives with blades under that absurd 2.5” requirement.

I forgot (and found) the little CRKT Launch 9 auto (which is humorously small), and a very old Blade-Tech Mouse lock-back folder I got many years ago. We’ll see how they do in a rotation…

The CRKT Pilar frame-lock is the like the Spyderco Insistent, a heavy frame-lock folder that will work better with heavy-duty khaki pants or jeans. Both are solid little folders with chunky blades, but they seem well made. The small CRKT Vox Piet is a nice looking little folder, just picked it up, so we’ll see how it does.

The Legal Lineup:

Emerson CQC14 liner-lock

Spyderco Reinhold Rhino Compression-lock

Spyderco Lil’Lum liner-lock

Spyderco Lil' Native Compression-lock

Spyderco Dragonfly

Hogue X1 Microflip (wharncliffe), plunge-lock

Kershaw Launch 9 auto

Spyderco Insistent liner-lock

CRKT Pilar frame-lock

Kershaw Shuffle liner-lock

CRKT Vox Piet liner-lock

Cold Steel Tuff Lite Tri-Ad-lock

Honey Badger Knives Small Flipper liner-lock

Blade-Tech Mouse lock-back

Soon to be added:

Hogue A01 Microswitch (auto)
Kizer Mini Sheepdog
Fox Knives Vox Suru (found a great deal on a used one!)

These are all pushing the legal boundaries, so I’ll have to test the waters when we get back to work full time. For the infrequent days I go in on our side of the campus, I haven’t run into any security. These all have blades between 2.5 and 3 inches. Another irony is that the Spyderco Native 5 has a cutting edge the same as the Emerson CQC14, but the way the blades are measured from the bolster, it’s actually a 3” blade and wouldn’t meet a strict 2.5” blade measurement.

The newest edition is the Boker Plus Kansei LRF folder. Wow, it’s extremely thin and light and I’m just really impressed with fit, finish and looks.

The “Almost Legal Lineup”

Spyderco Native 5 lock-back

Kershaw Leek, spring-assisted liner-lock

Kizer Envoy frame-lock

CIVIVI Isham Mckenna liner-lock

Boker Plus Kansei LRF liner-lock

CRKT CEO liner-lock

CRKT Atmos liner-lock

Again, I wasn’t looking for some hardcore defensive folder or some over-built hard-use field folder. I do have and likely will include a small SAK in the pocket at times and I have a few multitools that meet the blade restrictions; one will go in my work bag. While we have the same security, our “side” doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the main campus site, so I’ll test the waters on how much flexibility I might have. This is new territory for me as an average folder size was often a 3.75-4” blade and I often carried two and sometimes a fixed blade :D:

While I typically wear a dress or suit jacket, I sill prefer a deep pocket clip. Some can accept aftermarket pocket clips and I am already planning to upgrade those I expect to carry the most often.



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