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Hi all--
I'm a newbie so let me apologize up front if something about my question is stupid. And thanks --- I've learned a ton from you guys thus far.
After alot of debate, and guidance from some of the posts here on PTR 91's, I've decided to get a PTR 91. My question is which model would best work for my needs. It's main purpose for me of course would be as a battle rifle. Although I may end up using iron sights alot, I would like the option to scope it. I also would like the option of a bipod. For these reasons, I have thought most about the SC model, which comes with rails for scope and forearm accesories up front. However, I am now learning about the HK 'claw' scope mounts, some of which seem to have see-thru options on them, and that rails can be bought from PTR 91 and installed (requiring a gunsmith?). So that would open up the other models to me. I'd like it light and maneuverable, so I'm thinking one of the 16" barrels.
So, hopefully, that gives you all some guidance on what I'm looking for.
Thanks a ton in advance!
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