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Kiddo is allergic to Red Dye #40 (and it's in almost EVERYTHING, even white cake mix and chocolate pudding) - he breaks out in severe hives from it. He's had to take steroids and Atarax in the past, but I try to use natural alternatives when possible. (Even benadryl has red dye!)

Jewelweed is really good for itching (we've used it for hives, poison sumac/oak/ivy, etc.). Google "jewelweed" and you'll find more info and pictures. I like to infuse alcohol with the jewelweed and use a cotton ball to apply to the skin. I've been known to throw jewelweed infused olive oil in a batch of soap. :thumb:

Yellow dock is good for hives and itching too.

You can also take an old sock, put about a cup of (dry) oats in it, tie the end off, and throw it in the bathtub. Rub the sock all over the inflamed skin, and it helps the itching.

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