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I have been fighting this same type of situation, for the last 4 months.
Through my elimination of various chemicals that I am in contact with, I found that I am allergic too "Fast Orange" hand cleaner.
I work as a mechanic, so you can imagine the chemicals I get into.\
During one period of the reaction, I had a slight infection, so the Dr. decided too give me keflex, I am also allergic too that.
I had the worse hives in my life, it attacted my extremities only.
Hands and feet.
I lost all the skin, from the reaction.
I joked it was leporsey, but I was miserable.
I was given a steriod that did nothing either.

I found, elimination of contact, (Wearing Nitrile Gloves) and washing with pure soap has basically stopped my problem.

Try too find your cause, so you can avoid the reactions, rather then treating the symtoms.
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