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Off and on I try to think of the odd ways one might use a common everyday item in a survivalist situation, and one was to use a clear recycling bag tied up as a pillow.

I was wondering what pros and cons there are to this, and came up with:

Plastic Bag:
+ multi use item
+ foldable into a small volume
- might not be comfortable
- could break easily
- suffocation hazard

+ majority of gear under head
+ one less thing to have
- bulky, probably uncomfortable
- weapon, leak hazard
- leaves sleeping marks

Bed Pillow:
+ very comfortable
+ can put defense under pillow
- one more thing to carry
- bulky and awkward to transport

Mind you, I have made my assumptions that no transport other than a bicycle would be available.

What are your thoughts?

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Post SHTF... Pillows would be my last thought.

But once things settled down and I was wishing I had one... I would use my bag, or a jacket... Dogs make great pillows too.
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