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Photodocumentation of post SHTF...

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Something I've been stockpiling along with all the other gear is photo chemicals, paper and film... as well as an army of Pentax Spotmatics. I was trained as a photographer and have always believed that the "old" ways of making photographs might come back into fashion if ever the digi world fails. I figure it might well be someone's responsibility to document the events of a post SHTF scenario. I have also picked up a few wind-up 8mm movie cameras, but they will need some work. Anyone else out there have any ideas on how to best go about the job of documentation?
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How about diaries and journals? Written descriptions are another way to document. Can be as low tech or high tech as you want.

For the artists out there, how about paintings and drawings?

I think it's important that someone documents things post shtf or teotwawki. Maybe future generations can learn something from the history we're making today.
All that we know of the Revolutionary war (and most of history, actually) is through journals, letters, and other documents of the time period. You'd think we wouldn't know much but actually a lot of records remained to be archived.

In fact, I was thinking about this when we watched "300" a couple days ago. Xerxes threatened to destroy all documentation that Leonidas of Sparta existed so that no one would know he ever was.

In our disposable and microwave society, I wonder how many people live their lives in such a way that future generations will never know they existed?

I have more thoughts but I'm too sleepy and they're all jumbled in my mind. Hope to come back to this later tomorrow.
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