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the problem

So I was thinking about electric cars. I don't know very much about physics but I do know that perpetual motion defies the laws of physics. A while back I thought why not use an alternator to recharge the batteries while in use, but you lose some energy when you convert motion to electricity, and you lose some energy when you convert electricity to motion. The total amount of energy in the car can only decrease.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but the batteries will last a bit longer right?

What if you put a windmill contraption on the front of the car connected to another alternator to charge the batteries, and perhaps another setup for a couple solar panels. Would this be possible?
The problem with your plan is that you are increasing FRICTION which requires more power to overcome. That is why No perpetual motion devices exist. Friction will always be just a little ahead of the power required to move an object.
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