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Due to the rising conflict in our world, the increase in crime and violence in everyday neighbourhoods,and the risk of food shortages to come,and the high chance of civil unrest in "civilised sociteies" many claim control of their lives via preparedness.
Along with knowledge, however, can come fear,especially in children and women.
The environmental pressure of droughts, crop loses, hurricanes,storms, floods and so on are playing havoc with the everyday lives of good people on this earth.
To help rectify this constant bombardment , many of us have bunkered down, as much as we can, simplified our lives to the degree of not aspiring to the materialistic version of life, and sought refuge with our loved ones,form a world fast turning against us.
Personally I feel well in control of our families future capabilities to survive,even thoguh we have many more skills to learn that would enhance our survival.
The fear factor, however is one that I am endeavouring to help my daughters overcome, and other loved ones who are just realising what is happening.
Fear strangles you and freezes you into a iceberg of confusion.
Taking control of your life in some small way every day, no matter how little money you have, or how little time you have, will help overcome this problem.
We have a daughters active in the involvement of our prepping, and also i the plans we have for the future.
Last night we told the girls of a thread here concerning the use of pepper spray,since they now live in town, they thought this was a good idea.
We do not want to prepare and keep our girls in the dark, yet are telling them we will be alot safer than most as world events hasten.We tell them our home is a sanctuary for them and a safe haven of knowledge compared to the idiotic denial of a world in turmoil.
Skills. commonsense,preparedness knowledge and actions,foresight,comradery and respect for fellows human beings are things I am sure most here are trying to instill in their,Loved ones.this is what seems to combat fear and dread of the future.
Living a balanced life now, whilst being totally aware of the future.
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