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Pepper Sprays.
Here in South Africa we have a couple of problems when walking in the bush that must be fairly unique to this part of the world.
Firstly there are a breed of thugs who ambush people walking in the more remote parts. Three or four, wielding knives, will leap out on the unsuspecting and demand money, cameras, cell phones etc. Many of us are prepared and attach a Pepper Spray to our walking poles, ready to give them a blast.
A second problem has come about in the last few years. BABOONS!!! Baboons now are totally protected and get bolder by the day, especially the alpha males. Troops of these animals will run through the gardens of outlying houses and grab any opportunity to enter a house that might be accessible. Recently my grandson, who is a lad of 18, well built and over six foot, awoke at about 7 in the morning to find a large male baboon in his bedroom. He laid very still and eventually the baboon left. As many of you will know large male baboons have very powerful canines and can be extremely aggressive. There are recorded incidents of them killing leopard. They recognize the difference between a man and a woman and are therefore even more of a problem to women. A few years ago, before the very strict protection of baboons, four of us were hiking along the coast. We stopped late in the day to rest in a hut. Three of us went for a walk along the beach before bedding down. On returning and when some 40 yards away saw a large male sitting about 2 yards behind my wife. My wife , who was totally unaware of the animal, was attending to her sore feet.The three of us, two men and a woman, ran towards the animal yelling and shouting.When we were about twenty yards away and approaching fast, it slowly turned and sauntered off. Tens minutes later there were screams at the other hut and the same animal was trying to get in the window. A moment or two later the baboon apparently spotted a ranger some way off and was gone, may I say , in a ‘shot’. The ranger was carrying a rifle which the baboon recognized.
The point I am leading up to is this. If one is attacked by an animal, say a baboon, and gave it a shot of Pepper Spray....................would it deter it or possibly enrage it even more. Has anybody any thoughts on the subject?
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