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Pears and Apple trees

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I planted 2 pears trees and 6 apples tress with one of them beeing a pollinator.

The year I planted them, I got a few pears. No apples.

This year is the second year and only 2 apples appeared.

How long does it take to get fruits? Is it normal nothing appeared? All the trees had flowers.

Must I put some special fertilizer? I kept the trees well watered.

I am in Georgia.

Thank you
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Sounds to me like your trees are just too young to be bearing yet. Don't expect mych in the way of fruit until 3-4 years AFTER you've planed them. Crops will be light at first, but you still will probably have to thin some of the fruit and prop the branches to prevent them from breaking from the wieght of the fruit. (That's what my parents had to do with their trees)
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