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Pears and Apple trees

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I planted 2 pears trees and 6 apples tress with one of them beeing a pollinator.

The year I planted them, I got a few pears. No apples.

This year is the second year and only 2 apples appeared.

How long does it take to get fruits? Is it normal nothing appeared? All the trees had flowers.

Must I put some special fertilizer? I kept the trees well watered.

I am in Georgia.

Thank you
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Depends how big the apples were when they went in, usually a first year apple won't bear fruit, nor second... how old were they to start?

1. apples cross pollinate. Don't worry about variety, the point is when they flower. They have to flower at the same time to cross pollinate. also; bees. No bees crossing the pollination then no apples.

2. obviously this means where are the bees? Sometimes you can attract them, they like blue, they LOVE bog sage, which survives almost anything. Perhaps some borage, queen anne's lace, other things like that to bring them around?

3. water. An apple tree will drop all its babies if there's no water. Were there any miscarriages under the trees?

4. frost/water/weather. What was spring like? did frosts hit and kill the flowers? did winds hit and kill flowers?

Other than that, a tree you bought from a nursery, with branches coming off the main stem, should be fruiting for you within 3 yrs.

:) b.

PS: you do need to feed but not hugely; and also, one pollinator for six apples is weird. YOu should have three pairs. One early pair, one mid-season pair, and one late season pair. Most weird that you have this setup. Did they talk to you at the nursery? what breed apples do you have?
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