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Pears and Apple trees

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I planted 2 pears trees and 6 apples tress with one of them beeing a pollinator.

The year I planted them, I got a few pears. No apples.

This year is the second year and only 2 apples appeared.

How long does it take to get fruits? Is it normal nothing appeared? All the trees had flowers.

Must I put some special fertilizer? I kept the trees well watered.

I am in Georgia.

Thank you
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What kind of apple trees and pear trees did you plant? Some varieties of apple trees and pear trees will not cross-pollinate, whereas some will.
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I bought the trees from a local store. They are all the same kind of pears and the same kind of apples.

I think I'll buy a couple more pears trees and 2 more appletrees pollinators to make sure something will happen next year..

Thank you
Here's some info we've been using, the graph below is quite helpful:

All varieties of apple trees should be cross-pollinated with another apple or crabapple variety. To attain the best fruit set on apple trees, the king blossom (the largest and first one to open) in the flower cluster must be pollinated. Thus, the bloom periods of the pollinizer and the king blossom of the apple tree must overlap.

In backyard plantings, two semidwarf apple varieties that bloom at the same time should be planted within 50 feet of each other. Two dwarf apple varieties with similar bloom periods should be spaced less than 20 feet apart to ensure the transfer of pollen between trees.

and on pears:

Pear pollination

Most pear varieties are self-unfruitful. However, nearly all pears are suitable pollinizers for other varieties that bloom at the same time. One exception is Seckel, which is not a good pollinizer for Bartlett. Even though Anjou, Bartlett and Kieffer are partially self-fruitful, they should be cross-pollinated to produce heavy and regular crops. Pear flowers produce only a small amount of nectar, which is low in sugar. For this reason, more pollinizers and bees are needed for pears than for any other tree fruit.
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