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I was reading the MacBook access thread and thought that there is a good lesson to be learned from it. I did not want to muddle up that thread where the OP is looking for specific help. Basically someone died without leaving a password and the persons computer can‘t be accessed.

In the modern day this is something to prep for. My questions and what I would like feedback on is

1. How many people here prep for when they pass away and their loved ones need access to accounts?
2. What passwords and accounts are important for loved ones to have if you do pass?
3. How do you safely preserve account information for others that does not compromise your privacy?

1 and 3. For me I do have a system in place. My wife and I have a specific touchpad that we share. The Wi-Fi is turned off and is never turned on. We both have the password to access the touchpad. In that touchpad we have a document that we update whenever we open a new account that would be important should one of us pass. Basically anytime we open something that the other person will need access to we add the account and passwords to the document. If we change the password it is easy to change in the document.

I keep a slip of paper in my safe with the login information. No other information. Not what the information is too. My son knows the slip of paper is there and what it is for so that if something happens to me and my wife at the same time he can figure things out.

My concern is what if something happens to that touchpad.
I either have my wife was as account holder( mutual fund), joint tenent with rights of survivorship ( house, stock), successor (kids 529), POD (bonds), beneficiary ( 401(k), my IRA), etc. No passwords,,and no setting my wife up as a criminal by logging on as me, after I am dead.

She has her own Roth IRA, from which she can withdraw the contributions I’ve made tax free- so about 30,000 not tied up at all.

I have the passwords for utility accounts and such on an encrypted file in google docs- not the. end of the world if she forgets. Only real problem is car tags- she needs to pay them via mail, then transfer into her name under my will.
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