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I have a Yaesu FT-897, an IC-7300, an HF horizontal delta loop and a EFHW wire tuned for 75 m. The radios tune the broadcast bands and the wire antenna, all 300 feet of it picks up plenty of signal. I don't know if that AM loop antenna would make much of an improvement. I was scrolling around with the Icom in the AM band and it was so thick with stations I had never heard on any portable before that I was quite surprised.

I might try building the loop signal booster if I can find a cheap/free tuning capacitor.

P.S. I have my parents old Silvertone radio/phonograph/wire recorder. The AM antenna is a flat loop of wire similar to the booster above. It still works and has great AM reception.

It looks almost exactly like the pic above. 8103a model.

I found this pic of the antenna;

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