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A new forum has been opened for my step daughter - Kandi.

Kandi is 20 years old, her and her husband have 1 child who just turned 1 year old. And,,,, Kandi is due to deliver she second baby December 3rd.

This forum was put together with parents in mind. Whether your a grandparent, have grown kids or a new parent - drop by her forum, sign up and say hello.

I promised Kandi that I would help her with this project, so I have to get some kind of traffic for her.

Here is the link to her site -

So help me and Kandi out a little bit. If I dont get her some kind of traffic and new members, she is going to be asking me - "why arent people signing up?" And what am I supposed to tell her then?

Kandis husband "TJ" is in Mississippi working right now. So she is feeling kinda down. While TJ is away from home, Kandi is staying with Kristy and I.

The website has a great name, she just needs some help getting the site off the ground. So I am asking the members of this community for their help.
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