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Custom 550 Paracord Zipper Pulls - Set of 4 Pulls

You can have each zipper made with any color of paracord that I have in stock!

I have not found anyone else who offers them like this. These are one of my top selling items. Click the link below to get some for your gear:

1.5 inch tab Zipper Pull

.75 inch tab Zipper Pull

Paracord Zipper pulls are a handy and convenient:

1) They provide excellent leverage when you need to unzip pouches or packs.

2) They install very easily and will not break even in the harshest environments.

3) They can be installed on jackets, sweaters, kids backpacks, luggage, sleeping bags or really anything that you would like to have an easier pull tab on.

The weaved end makes it easy to find by touch if you have to grab it without looking or if its dark.

One of the pictures in this post is one of my Aid Bags with one of my Zipper Pulls Installed on it. I have had this on it for over a year and it is still in perfect condition. When it was first installed it was a very tight fit, and I am happy to say that it still fits perfectly.

If you buy them from me, they will come in sets of 4. Most any kind of packs or bags have 2 places for zipper pulls so I sell these in sets of 4 so you can have an extra set.

Also I am allowing each pull to be any color of paracord that I offer. Most other retailers offer a set color and you have to choose what they have already made.
Enjoy! If you have any questions please let me know!


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