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Paracord Survival Bracelet

I saw a link for this on another forum and thought it was a good idea, I ordered one and I was right, it’s a good idea, so I thought I would share it with everyone here.

First let me assure you I do not work for these people, I do not make anything off of the sales of anything they make, and I have never actually met any of these people. I am posting this because I think it’s a cool product that many here may find useful.

This bracelet is made from 550 paracord (you can get it with or without the inner strands) and comes in your choice of 30 different colors. You can even get two different colors mixed (mines woodland camo and black). They each have an average of 15’ of usable paracord in them, the single color bracelets use one continuous cord and the two tone bracelets use two equal length cords.

They say on their website that if you EVER use your survival bracelet in a real survival situation, you can send the remains of the bracelet back to them with your story of how you used it and they will re-braided it and send it back to you free.

They also make lanyards, dog collars, and will do custom work upon request (they are making me a custom rifle sling, I e-mailed him the design for it today).

However… my favorite feature of this bracelet is… they give 10% of the proceeds from sales of the bracelet to the Wounded Warrior Project.

From the WWP website…

About Us

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) was founded on the principle that veterans are our nation's greatest citizens. The WWP seeks to assist those men and women of our armed forces who have been severely injured during the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations around the world. Many of the injuries are traumatic amputations, gunshot wounds, burns, and blast injuries that will retire these brave warriors from military service.
From the battlefield to their bedside, WWP is there to meet the needs of our wounded heroes:
We provide them with unique programs and services.
We raise awareness and enlist public support.
We provide a means for veterans to help each other.
Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization.
I am attaching a picture of my bracelet and if you would like to see more or read more about these their website is located at:

It really is worth checking out.


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You know...if you're in a pinch and rushed for time, good luck undoing all of that mess.

I just wrapped an 8 foot section around my wrist and tied it in a knot. left enough slack for it to stay down against my wrist but move on its own if it has to, and it hasn't gotten snagged on anything yet. All I have to do is bite the knot and pull to get it loose.

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If you check out the Youtube Gem thread in, Books, Movies & Stories - Nonfiction he does a tutorial on the braclet keyfob and Game keeper, to make a rifle sling I reckon you just gotta increase the length.
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