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too cheap to be real 550
description says 550... :zombie
Detailed Description
Paracord Survival Bracelet with Plastic Whistle Buckle

We at goFAST build this one ourselves so can pass the savings on to you. Check out the amazing price on this bracelet. Cheap enough to get a bunch for a class field trip, give away at a company outing, or any other group event.

10" end to end, when closed it could fit a maximum wrist size of 9", but you will be more comfortable if you are 8.75" or smaller wrist measurment.

Weight: ~32.8 grams (~1.15 ounces)

Whistle is integrated into the buckle to function as a survival whistle in the event you are lost and need to signal rescuers.

In an emergency, the cord can be unwraveled from the cobra weave to yield 9 feet of useful 550lb. test 5 strand paracord. Use paracord to lash together branches for a shelter, repair gear, tie on a splint, or any of hundreds of other uses. The inner strands of the paracord make good tinder for fire starting.
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