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Found this interesting info today:


Kentucky Division of Emergency Management

Department of Military Affairs

Boone National Guard Center

Frankfort, KY 40601-6168


On behalf of Brigadier General John Heltzel, you are cordially invited to participate in a statewide pandemic influenza exercise that will be held August 3-7, 2009. The communications portion of the exercise will begin each day at 8:00 A.M. and run until approximately 8:00 P.M. Monday through Thursday and will end at 2:00 P.M. on Friday.

This exercise is somewhat unique in that it will allow you the opportunity to participate in a statewide exercise without ever having to leave your community. As a matter of fact, we are hoping that you will work with other partners in your local community to determine your level of preparedness for just such an event. It is our hope that amateur radio operators along with government agencies and officials, schools, emergency response agencies, emergency management officials and businesses will join together as we prepare for the inevitable – another pandemic influenza. There is no limit to the number of operators that can participate and operators may participate at any time during the week long exercise within the time frames shown above.

One of our communications goals for the week is to use pre-identified 2 meter and 80 meter amateur radio frequencies to facilitate contact with all 120 counties in the Commonwealth. To some degree it will be like operating a week long net control. The amateur radio station in the Commonwealth EOC will be used to pass traffic and log check-ins during the week. The more operators we have check in, the better.
Much more info about this event here
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