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Pakistan, India troops exchange fire at Chakoti sector
Online News Pakistan ^

Posted on Sunday, December 07, 2008 12:13:53 PM by maquiladora

MUZAFFARABAD: Pakistani and Indian troops traded fire at Chakoti Line of Control, causing panic among the locals. On Saturday night at 9:00 pm, Indian troops violating ceasefire opened indiscriminate firing at positions of Pakistan army in areas of Pando and Opi, Chakoti sector.

The Indian troops used small weapons and mortar guns in the firing that lasted more than one hour. Pakistan army retaliated with same force.

Besides compelling people living in Chakoti sector and adjacent villages to shift to safer places, the firing has created panic among them because it was the first time Pakistan and Indian troops exchanged fire followed by Mumbai carnage.

Various families had been migrated to other places from Chakoti sector due to firing. According to eyewitnesses, firing was continued till Sunday morning.
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