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I was a mail carrier for a few months while working my way thru college,, (well... part way thru,,, I did penetrate,, but there was no satisfaction )

My route was thru "the hood" and at one point req'd entering a 3 story "public housing" building where the people actually had the mail drop slots in their hallway doors..on each dark ****y smelling floor

I soon discovered why the old folks did not go out to the lobby for their mail.

One "Social Security Check Delivery Day" I had 3 "hoodlums" try to get my bag...

I discovered the USPS issued dog spray is effective on Humanoid eyeballs too

After 2 fled , and I administered a few kicks to the ribs of the one who was whining on the floor... I asked the PM if I needed to file a report , it being a Federal Offense... he said "don't mention it again"..." I hate paperwork",, and I agreed..

this was 45 years ago btw.....

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There is a fun game where you read a crazy wild story to a friend and have them guess weather its from Florida or Ohio.
Once a week 106.5 outta Charlotte plays, "did it happen in Florida". They read three stories and the caller has to guess which one happen in Florida. It seems every time I listen, one of the wrong answers happened in Ohio. Oh how I miss my sweet buckeye state. My hometown has turned into a heroin Mecca, so **** like this happens on the regular
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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