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Today's pack profile is for our deluxe survival pack, the Solo, available now on our Indiegogo campaign.

Want a Solo to cover your back? Go to our Indiegogo campaign to customize your very own Solo deluxe survival pack.

Health and First Aid
The Solo is equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit that provides you with the supplies and know-how to handle most injuries and ailments you’re likely to encounter away from home or in an emergency. In addition to an extensive supply of bandages and medication, this deluxe survival pack also provides items for effective personal hygiene.

Navigation, Lighting, and Communication
This deluxe survival pack includes a waterproof headlamp and backup flashlight that provide you with up to 500 hours of light. A compass and regional road map (based on customer choice) lets you get your bearings and navigate in your part of the country. The Solo also comes with writing supplies for recording information and leaving messages, and signalling devices so you can get attention when you need to.

Tools, Supplies, and Personal Protection
The Solo provides you with the knowledge to survive in the wilderness and an abundance of tools and supplies that let you handle nearly any situation you come across. With this high quality and fully stocked deluxe survival pack, you can cut through vegetation, build shelters, hunt and fish, and handle a myriad of problems that would stop others in their tracks. The Solo is rounded out with an assortment of safety gear that keeps you warm, dry, and protected from the elements.

Water, Food, and Fire
The Solo deluxe survival pack comes with two stainless steel water bottles, a hydration bladder, water treatment tablets, and a water filtration straw that provides you with a virtually unlimited amount of drinking water (greater than 350,000 liters). This survival pack also comes with cooking gear for meal preparation and an assortment of rations to provide you with emergency calories, while the included lighters, matches, magnesium bar, and emergency fuel tabs let you start a fire in nearly any condition.

Visit our website for complete list of the contents available in the Solo deluxe survival pack.
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