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Today's pack profile is for our premium survival pack, the Alpha, available now on our Indiegogo campaign.

Want an Alpha to cover your back? Go to our Indiegogo campaign, where you can customize your own Alpha premium survival pack.

Health and First Aid
The Alpha’s abundantly stocked first aid kit gives you the supplies to take care of yourself and others when professional medical help is unavailable, plus a first aid pamphlet that provides you with step-by-step instructions for handling a variety of medical conditions. This premium survival pack also includes ample personal hygiene supplies for staying in peak condition. As a bonus, the Alpha contains an illustrated pamphlet for identifying and using medicinal plants found in North America.

Navigation, Lighting, and Communication
This premium survival pack contains a pair of waterproof headlamps and a backup flashlight that provides you with up to 800 hours of light. A small monocular, an AM/FM radio, and a regional map and compass gives you the means to take stock of your situation and navigate to help or away from danger. The Alpha comes with a variety of writing supplies so you can record important information and leave messages, as well as a signal mirror and whistles for communicating and attracting attention.

Tools, Supplies, and Personal Protection
With an Alpha in your truck, house, or on your back, you are ready to handle nearly any problem that comes your way. This premium survival pack includes the full-sized tools and resources you need to carve, chop, tie, saw, dig, tape, pry, slash, fix, or join your way through any job. It also includes quality protective gear for yourself and another so you can stay warm and dry in unfriendly environments. The Alpha provides a number of items unique to commercially available survival packs, including the means to hunt, trap, and prepare game in the field.

Water, Food, and Fire
The Alpha premium survival pack comes with two stainless steel water bottles, two hydration bladders, water purification tablets, and water filtration straws that provide you with a virtually unlimited amount of water (greater than 700,000 liters). The Alpha also comes with cooking gear for meal preparation and an assortment of rations to provide you with emergency calories, while the included lighters, matches, magnesium bar, and emergency fuel tabs let you start a fire in nearly any condition. As a bonus, this premium survival pack also includes an illustrated guide for edible wild plants found in North America.

Visit our site for a complete list of whats in the Alpha premium survival pack.
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