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I am pretty well stocked on the more common seeds, but I do need some HELP!
Does anyone have, or know where I can buy some Sugar Cane to plant?
Some Uses: Syrup, Rum,

While on the subject... kinda ;) here are some plants/seed that may have been over looked:

Soap Berry or Soap Nuts: Sapindus Saponaria:
Some Uses: Laundry - Put 3-4 in a bag and toss in wash. They will last several washes, are hypoallergenic, leave no scent, and you don't need a fabric softener. They work in Hot or Cold water. When they are used just toss them in the compost pile.

Tobacco: I have several varieties.
Some Uses: Barter, some medicinal

Cotton: Again several Heirloom varieties (Many are naturally colored)
Some Uses: Fiber, Oil

Now here is one that I'm sure I'll catch it for, however I am not advising anyone to plant these if it violates any law.
Poppy: Papaver somniferum
Some uses: Culinary, Medicinal-Pain Relief.
Before anyone yells at me please consider that post SHTF people will continue, and probably with increased frequency, to be injured, and become ill. After your supply of meds run out what do you do for someone with a serious wound, injury, or illness; such as cancer? OK... yell if you want.

Just some others to consider:
Fruit Trees, Berries Bushes/Vines, Grapes, etc. (And if you can grow them where you live: Coffee, Tea, etc.)
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