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Hey folks, I've posted a thread about Outlaw Paintball benefits in the past, here it is -

I thought I'd upload some videos of the games for those who find the subject interesting.

Since I bought my GoPro helmet camera (a great buy if youre into extreme stuff and want to film it) our paintball team hasnt been in full effect really, so most of the current game footage I have is not of us moving as a unit thru the woods, but mostly just a couple of us (usually my brother and myself) playing with random other players, so we havent been using the radios or military tactics as much as usual. Stay tuned as we will be getting the team back together and using the radios and tactics again in the future.

For now though these videos will just show some fun paintball play in an outlaw setting. We're just out in the West coast BC Canada mountains (Vancouver area), its not a pay field. My bro and myself dug the bunkers you see in the video, which is also very good excercise!

Here's the first video I've edited of the paintball footage, I'll update the thread as i update the youtube channel.


See what you think!
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