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OPSEC and written plans

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So I'm getting together some written emergency plans to have at the house, in each car, BOB, and even in my wifes various purses. She isn't super interested in this whole thing (she's supportive and pays some attention, but I know if the SHTF she may not remember as much as I'd like) so I would like to have written plans available for her and the kids.

These plans would include things like meetup locations, routes, BOL's, contingencies, etc. I am a bit worried about these plans being written down though and then available to unscrupulous persons who may stumble across them if one of the written plans got left behind.

When I was in the army we used to have OPSEC plans in place for when a vehicle needed to be abandoned. (Stack any sensitive materials, radios, computers, documents, maps on the front seat and drop an incendiary grenade on them as run away. Or as happened during the battle of Baghdad, have the AF drop a JDAMS on a disabled tank) I don't think that covers every situation though.

I'm just curious if anyone else worries about this and if so what are your solutions to OPSEC for written plans?
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Here is what I do:

Establish codes to use for key elements of the plan. Make sure it is something that has meaning to you and your's but not much to anyone else.

For example (and this is a basic one), instead of saying "Meeting Location One is the Dog Park on the Corner of Oak and Bleeker" you write "Meeting Location One: Where we always walk the dogs."

A variation is able to be done for communications too. For example, my group is big fans of Star Wars, so we set up that any reference to "Ackbar" (as in the Admiral) means "It's a Trap!". This means, say I was at gun point and they were forcing me to lure my friends out into the open at the park. I could say "I was on my way to see Ackbar and found something at the park. You need to come and see" and my group would know it was a trap.

In terms of physical security of the plans, keep them in a notebook or something that will not stand out in anyway (her purse) and at home keep them in binders and such some place hidden away. The old box full of tax records is good for this.
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