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One of my customers arrested by DHS

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Nobody has any idea what he may (or may not) have done but according to co-workers who were present at the time, Federal agents raided their place of business with guns drawn. He was subsequently arrested and placed in one of 8 blacked out mini-vans. This was last Friday.

The following Monday, this man's wife showed up asking if anybody had seen her husband because he never came home from work on Friday. Apparently, no one had told her yet. She filed a missing person's report as nobody could verify the whereabouts of her husband.
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Prof, exactly. People don't just up and disappear for no reason (taxes are "no reason" in this case). This guy is "them" whether he wants to be or not. He knows something, important? Yeah I would say so.....
He was of Mexican background but was in the country 100% legally. I can tell you he worked in the truck repair industry.
Or maybe not. I came across a young adult a couple years ago, probably 19 or 20 years old at the time. I think he was a passenger of a car involved in a minor traffic accident. He gave me his name and birthdate to list him as a passenger in the vehicle. He did not have a local ID, just a copy of a birth certificate (kind of common with some of the Mexican immigrants in southern Nevada) The computer came up with a match but it was not him. I asked him again and he showed me the birth certificate. Checked some more, asked a few more questions, he showed me a social security card his parents gave him several years prior. It was an obvious fake, swap meet special. Ran that social and found a report for identity theft. Again, this guy was not the victim but the use of the social security number came up on the other guys credit report and spawned the identity theft report.

The story ends with the guy who thought he was a legal immigrant, living here since he was a baby, known his whole life by this name with this birthday and social security number and finds out in jail mom and dad bought his identity and paperwork after they entered the United States illegally.

Mom and dad told him this shortly before the whole family was deported. Apparently mom and dad had other issues that prevented any chance of staying here.

The illegal immigration thing boomed long enough ago that the little kids who came with mom and dad are now adults and getting into trouble over identity stuff because they are using someone elses information that mom and dad bought illegally. I have seen this a few times, but the story above was the only one I had first hand.
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so why is DHS stepping on ICE's toes then?
And I think in time -- by their actions -- we will say of them what Sherman said of Indians.
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Sherman said the indians were pathetic? :upsidedown:
Are you and SR related or just in a committed relationship?
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