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One of my customers arrested by DHS

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Nobody has any idea what he may (or may not) have done but according to co-workers who were present at the time, Federal agents raided their place of business with guns drawn. He was subsequently arrested and placed in one of 8 blacked out mini-vans. This was last Friday.

The following Monday, this man's wife showed up asking if anybody had seen her husband because he never came home from work on Friday. Apparently, no one had told her yet. She filed a missing person's report as nobody could verify the whereabouts of her husband.
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What does this contribute to the topic?
Reality...... Unreformed Islam is incompatible with modern life.
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Huh? I'm just scared of Muslims <shrug>
And I think in time -- by their actions -- we will say of them what Sherman said of Indians.
So it would appear they don't allow a "detainee" a phone call or two.Wonder if he'll get to see an attorney? Interesting that they used 8 same-same mini vans,to confuse anybody trailing.
There is no right to a phone call or the like. That is Hollywood fiction. You can shut up and ask for an attorney. That's about it.
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