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"Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe said police were concerned with the growing knife culture and people who considered it acceptable to carry a knife or edged weapon as part of their normal daily behaviour."

Is their reasoning behind it being unacceptable to carry a knife every day because knives are solely designed to kill people? If so, I have half a mind to go and bludgeon someone with my mobile phone or stab someone with a set of keys. Knives have uses other than killing people! I really wonder; if people started beating each other to death with mobile phones would the government require you to have a lawful reason to carry one; with "for general use" being unacceptable as an excuse. "You must either be travelling to or from a place where you will use your mobile phone for a government sanctioned activity;as anything else is the equivalent of murdering a group of innocent children carrying cute puppies."

Even if we aren't allowed to carry a knife for protection, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be allowed to carry it for everyday use.

Also, back onto defensive use of a knife, what the hell is with the "Talk to them about how knives are not defensive" bit? Do knives only work for murdering people? If I try to defend myself with it will it suddenly melt away? Or do they simply mean that anything other than running away or submitting to a criminal are 'offensive'?

I think the strangest thing of all is that these laws are being made from the point of view that there are no real criminals; only kids who get angry at each other and knife each other - if they had no knives there'd be no crime. What about the rest of the population?? You know; the ones who are concerned about getting mugged/bashed/raped/murdered, rather than concerned that someone will hurt their feelings so they need to knife them?
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