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Similar math/outcome, in survival terms

1 bullet=1 possible meal, you have a decent supply, your neighbor is running short due to different economic conditions. His economic factors include bandits raiding his farm, and he has to expend additional rounds to defend what is his.

Do you:
A) Expend ammunition to help your neighbor, reducing your supply, but increase your security 3 fold (Your farm isn't subject to raids by now dead bandits, your neighbor "owes you", and your neighbor also is less likely to become desperate enough to raid you himself)

Or B) Allow your neighbor to fold, and expose your farm now to a stronger raider from your neighbors possessions enhancing that bandits resources, or your neighbor manages to survive on his own, but now holds emnity toward you in perpetuity and is now a lifetime risk on your border.

From either the Socialist view, or an enlightened cooperation viewpoint, it's better to help your neighbor, because the risk assessment shows a far bigger gain both materially or in more nontangible manners, like goodwill.

Back to the oil scenario and cars listed above: The less tangible benefit is the older cars are off the road, the newer cars are on the road, overflowing inventory that wasn't being sold, is now, and our auto industry got the double benefit of not collapsing, and reducing existing inventory. What's the real downside with all this? Which has a greater risk to the national economy? A little deficit that can be paid down or loss of remaining heavy industrial capacity in the middle of a horrible recession?
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