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I did not found any direct information regarding oil stove on the forum, this is why I will try to give my own experience, hoping this will help...

I am neither a stove guru nor a scientific so please correct me if you fell to do so.
This is not an oil vs wood thread but only for information purpose.

First, I had a previous Alaska stove from Drolet. Made here in Canada that was purchased by the previous owner of the house i believe in 98 after or in the big ice storm. This was an old model wich I felt was outdated and drank to much oil for nothing. New stove are a lot better regarding fuel consumption.

I then purchased a European Horizon stove from Franco-Belge exported in US and Canada were I had a good deal.
This is a 10.7kw/hr (or around) for an estimated 37K BTU.
I kept the original fuel tank wich is a 680L (180 us gal.). About the size of 5HX2W.

Pros of having a fuel/oil stove:
- Great and constant convection heat. once it is started, you do not have to feed it. Just adjust the level. No more weak-up at night.
- No electricity needed. Everything is done by gravity
- No wood mess. This also includes the bugs everywhere in the house.
- Efficiency between 80-85% with a fan. Some claims 93%! :cool: no sure of this one...
- Doesn't really smell

- Oil price. I paid 0.77$/L
- Cost a lot more than wood, much more expensive
- Not very environmental friendly I guess
- Need space for the tank, but so for the wood...

An oil stove will take longer than any wood stove for building internal temperature. It can take between 3-5hrs to have the best efficiency wile a wood stove can give you more heat in less time.

There is about 6 power level on the stove so here are the specs: (oil numb-1)
1- 0.25l/hr (0.07gal/hr) gives me an internal temperature of 300-350
2- 0.5l/hr (0.13gal/hr) gives me an internal temperature of 400-425
2.5 0.67l/hr (0.18gal/hr) witch gives me an ideal temperature of 450-475
More oil will not be very helpful and a waste I believe since a 475 is enough to heat the house.

When set to 1-2.5, there is almost no yellow flame but only blue flame exactly like a natural gaz stove.

With a tank of 680L, this gives me an autonomy of 55 days or about. I plan 50 in the worst case scenario.
There is cooking surface and I bough an Ecofan that runs without electricity.

oil stove aren't the best since sliced bread but it worth the consideration.
So if you guys have a deal on a wood or an oil stove, you can have a better idea of witch one will fit you the best for you and your family.

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The toyo laser 73 is good as well, there are still a lot of siglers and perfections floating around the US. Lots of folks still use them, the main focus here is what can you use without electricity though.
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