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Things to consider:

Type and quality of the kerosene - clear, colored, scented
Size of reservoir on the lantern
Trimming the wick before use
Keep the lantern where children can not reach it

Personally, I buy kerosene in bulk. I'll go down to a local store and buy 15 gallons at a time. The kerosene is stored in some 16 gallon drums that I bought just for kerosene, gasoline and water. The drum is kept in a storage building that is separated from my house. To get the fuel out of the drum, I use a squeeze hand pump - I got mine from Lowes for about $2. From the drum, the fuel is put into a couple of lamp oil fuel containers I got from wal-mart. Its easier to handle a bottle, then it is to handle 15 gallons.

I look for lanterns that have a large reservoir. The larger the reservoir, the longer they can burn between refills. Look for something that holds enough fuel that you can go at least 8 hours without a refill.

Be sure to trim your wick before using the lantern. I like to trim my wicks in the shape of an arch. In other words, I cut the corners off the top of the wick before I use it. That way the flame is easier to adjust and puts out less smoke.

Keep in mind that lanterns are a fire hazard. Be sure to keep them away from where people can not bump into them, and where from the reach of children. When I use lanterns, they are put in the bathrooms, where the mirror can reflect the light, and at least 6 inches away from the edge of the counter top.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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