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Oil Drip Heater Plans?

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So I did a little searching and could find anything on making a waste oil drip heater. I have seen several on youtube but no plans, tips, and improvments. Ive seen them done with brake rotors and propane tanks.

Does anyone have plans for one or built one in the past. the propane tank conversion looked nice. and the great thing is they are readily availible and i change my own oil so I have a ton of it laying around.
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XFIL owns a salvage yard he had one in his shop it was a series of three horizontal 6" pipes about 10' long connected by two verticle 6" pipes at opposite ends each between two long pipes so it resembled a sine wave laid horizontally air went in the bottom pipe at the opposite end from the verticle.
The exhaust was on the opposite end of the top horizontal from the fuel feed nozzle.
The oil would drip down the top vertical and preheat and burn in the bottom horizontal exhaust went up and was radiated by the entire assembly.
It needed to be started and warmed with another more combustible fuel oily rag whatever was handy
They had to pull the nozzle about twice a month because it would crust over with slag by soot

Hope this helped
I like the run down a section of log chain inside the firebox. Gravity feed from a barrel higher than the firebox. Having a wood fire going first allows the chain to heat up and act as a vaporizer.
The old (and I mean old, like 1972) Mother Earth News had a step-by-step plans for one. All of the old back issues are available on line, complete with pictures and instructions. If I remember correctly, they even had plans for filtering your used moter oil for the heater and told you where to look for the oil.

Forget all that, how about this.

This one looks like a Mother Earth knockoff.
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A guy I know made a really nice one out of a well storage tank. I welded a piece of 5" pipe to a steel plate for his drip cup. I'll get some pics next time I'm there.
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