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If you live around these places they are well worth checking in to...
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I love guns
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Bill Goodman Gun & Knife Show this weekend!
Nov 15-16. Saturday 9-5 & Sunday 9-4
Admission $7.00, Children 12 & under are $1.00
Plenty of FREE parking.

Be sure to pick up a New "Gold Colored"
2009 "Pocket Calendar" with all of our updated show dates. Keep it in your wallet for easy access!

At the Gun Show you will find:
Guns of all kinds, Shotguns, Rifles, Handguns.
Holsters and GunCases.
Modern/Custom Knives and Swords.
NRA Recruiter On-site.
Glock and Colt GunsmithOn-site.
Military stuff, Cammo and Cold weather Gear.
Ammo/Reloading Equipment.
Grips. Clips and Magazines.
Military Surplus Equipment.
CCW Info and TrainingCourses.
Airguns, Blowguns, BB Guns, Pellet Guns and Starter Rifles. Self Defense products, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns.
Tactical Gear, Expandable Batons.
Binoculars and Scopes.
Wide Selections at Affordable Prices.
NICS Instant-Check on site. (No Waiting)

**** URGENT NOTE *****
Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign slogan, "the audacity of hope," should have instead been "the audacity of deceit." After months of telling the American people that he supports the Second Amendment, and only hours after being declared the president-elect, the Obama transition team website announced an agenda taken straight from the anti-gun lobby--four initiatives designed to ban guns and drive law-abiding firearm manufacturers and dealers out of business:

"Making the expired federal assault weapons ban permanent."
Perhaps no other firearm issue has been more dishonestly portrayed by gun prohibitionists. Notwithstanding their predictions that the ban's expiration in 2004 would bring about the end of civilization, for the last four years the nation's murder rate has been lower than anytime since the mid-1960s. Studies for Congress, the Congressional Research Service, the National Institute of Justice, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found no evidence that gun prohibition or gun control reduces crime. Guns that were affected by the ban are used in only a tiny fraction of violent crime-about 35 times as many people are murdered without any sort of firearm (knives, bare hands, etc.), as with "assault weapons." Obama says that "assault weapons" are machine guns that "belong on foreign battlefields," but that is a lie; the guns are only
semi-automatic, and they are not used by a military force anywhere on the planet.

"Repeal the Tiahrt Amendment."
The amendment--endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police--prohibits the release of federal firearm tracing information to anyone other than a law enforcement agency conducting a bona fide criminal investigation. Anti-gun activists oppose the restriction, because it prevents them from obtaining tracing information and using it in frivolous lawsuits against law-abiding firearm manufacturers. Their lawsuits seek to obtain huge financial judgments against firearm manufacturers when a criminal uses a gun to inflict harm, even though the manufacturers have complied with all applicable laws.

"Closing the gun show loophole."
There is no "loophole." Under federal law, a firearm dealer must conduct a background check on anyone to whom he sells a gun, regardless of where the sale takes place. A person who is not a dealer may sell a gun from his personal collection without conducting a check. Gun prohibitionists claim that many criminals obtain guns from gun shows, though the most recent federal survey of convicted felons put the figure at only 0.7 percent. They also claim that non-dealers should be required to conduct checks when selling guns at shows, but the legislation they support goes far beyond imposing that lone requirement. In fact, anti-gun members of Congress voted against that limited measure, holding out for a broader bill intended to drive shows out of business.

Bill Goodman's Gun & Knife Show
PO Box 5
Mt. Washington, KY 40047
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