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One thing that was evident was the rapid organization and stalwart actions of the different groups in England, the Moslems and the Sikh's especially. In reality it's largely based on both race and religion.

It's admirable. It should be a standard.

Are we that prepared with our groups we belong to?

One strength of the European-Americans is strong independence and many aren't joiners, they're rugged individuals which is normally good.

Perhaps we should reconsider things-including the fact that when a group of whites stand together and just a few get in trouble the Feds villify the whole group and call them 'militia' or racists. We've seen minority communities stand behind cold blooded killers, support them and back them, and the authorities do nothing and don't demonize them, they cater to them. They've gotten to most good Americans, we wish to remain gray because we know they'll slap things on us that others have done. Our tight minority communities don't suffer that in silence and they're probably in the right.

If you're Hispanic or Black and a group of whites attack one of your group, you're apt to stand up. Day after day whites and Asians are being victimized by folks from other groups and no one stands up for their own. It's not racist to have a tight identity and to not accept racial attacks from others. Whites and Asians in Phili should be protesting and demanding that authorities do something about African-American flash hate mobs.

Our neighbors might be and it might not just be about protecting neighborhoods and religious sites if things go long term.
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