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In the event Obama is elected his minions will go on the worlds biggest most dedicated Witch Hunt in history.

Anyone and Everyone whom they view as an enemy or even in opposition to their goals and policies past or present, will be targeted.

Look at the responce to Joe the Plumber and all he did was ask Obama a question.

Those viewed as members of the religious right, firearms owners, talk radio personalities, those who own large vehicles, large homes, even republican party members, and the list goes on will be targeted either as groups through use of taxes and government regulations and individuals via regulations and denial of access to necessary licenses, etc.

Look for extra ordinary efforts to locate and identify individuals seen as real, potential, or imagined threats.

Already now before the election has happened, Obama's minions are examining the NICS system as to how to increase denial of firearm purchases can be accomplished. Look at the preparations to enact a so called " Fairness Doctrine " which would be use to Silence ALL broadcast opposition sources. Is it such a stretch to expect those who call in would also be targeted?

The examples are endless of the means that will be employed to crush all possible sources of opposition.

NOW is the time to out maneuver and out smart the coming Obama Police State.

It goes without saying that revealing and / or posting opposition to the policies announced by the Obama administration, survival plans, firearms purchase plans or possession, life style practices in opposition to, or any other information which could be viewed as thratening to them must now cease in the interest of one's personal security.

Think like your enemy if you wish to escape the fate they are planning.

Nothingless than your personal financial and physical security is at stake.
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