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Reply to the article from a friend who bugged out to the high country years ago:

I have contacted several of my ex co-workers at several dot gov places (or like me still have contacts in them)... consensus is, dot gov is very afraid to push this issue... facilities in/near large populations of minorities are tightening down and SoS and StK (first S is Shoot) are the words of the day...word is to prepare for riots of MAJOR proportion if Obama loses...and (we won the championship type) "minor" ones if he wins...RUMORS going around several facilities is that the MAJORITY in dot gov military and the "alphabet" boys believe that IF he was disqualified "as he should be" (words in the rumors) that the (again their words) blood bath would be uncontrollable and that 'accidents' are known to happen. The minority seem to believe that letting him get elected will be even worse... the backlash when it's proved he was NOT eligible and if he really attempts to implement 'redistribution of the wealth' and confiscate guns will be worse.. i.e. -- Joe Sheep will mostly support the restrictions placed on them and the putting down of riots by 'sore losers' and trouble makers...but when soccer mommy and golfing daddy are screwed and no longer can live in a dream.. they will support the destruction of dot gov or simply give up and no longer be willing to produce. Bad, bad collapse either way, I see it getting bad. On election eve, I'll be locked and loaded even thought our area probably isn't a high risk... and double on Nov your case, I would be packed and 'sick at home' on 11/5.

In two cases, I know of people that are near bad pop areas and who used to think I was a bit 'weird' (not that I'm NOT... LOL) and "not really into 'that' stuff" have voted early and WILL be on vacation on 11/4....word or lose, trouble election eve and maybe 11/5.

We will see won't we...
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