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All you realtors (don't know how many we have in this forum) hopefully if you are in this forum you understand the unique requirements that we want for our BOLs, however, have you tried to educate your fellow realtors? This thread is for the things we want realtors to understand about survivalists and their land needs:

1. We want usable land, views are seconday.
2. The land should have room for a garden and ariable soil
3. We don't care about schools, shoot, most of us probably home school
4. We don't really concern ourselfs with resale value
5. The more off the road, the better, we don't wany high traqffic counts!
6. We want water on the land (streams, lakes, springs, etc)
7. If we can't hunt and fish from the back pourch (or front or both) it better be nearby!
8. The fewer restrictions the better, don't show us land in a gated community!
9. Neighbors are ok, as long as they are far away!
10. The highest price land probably isn't what we want.

What are you non-realtors looking for in land! What aren't you looking for! Add to the list!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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