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I've been wanting to get into creating YouTube videos for a long time now and have finally purchased enough camera and tri-pod gear to start. I'll be doing prepper, wilderness survival, gun-smithing, and bushcraft related videos very soon but I want roughly half of my videos to be guest videos from others in my area. I think it would be a great way to meet a lot of like-minded people and maybe even get others interested in making their own videos. Just for a few examples I would like to showcase a master canner, maybe someone that is very good at processing different meats, or even a knife maker. These are just examples, the sky is the limit on the topic as long as it's relevant. Yes there are many videos on the subjects already on YouTube but adding more quality information won't hurt a bit.

To start things off I'm looking for people in North East Alabama in or around the Jackson, Madison, Dekalb, and Marshall county regions that would be interested in showcasing their knowledge. If things work out I'll expand to all of north and central Alabama, southern Tennessee, and eastern Georgia. I just want to start very small to keep fuel costs down and make this a fun experience.

So here is an open invitation to anyone in these areas that would like to contribute to the vast amount of knowledge already on YouTube and to provide more assistance to like minded people. This may be a great way for some to do a video that they've been wanting to do but don't want to mess with the editing and technical side. If you think you might be interested just contact me through here either by post or PM and we'll discuss it more.

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