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No Limits Sunlight Peak Tent Review

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This is a review of the No Limits Sunlight Peak tent. The only place I have seen this tent is Academy Sports and Outdoors. I dont know if its an exclusive item, but I was even able to find it on amazon.

First impression - this is a really cool tent, and I like it.

Long story short - one of the poles split the second time the tent was setup, and it was returned to the store where I bought it from.

The good:
Double wall construction - mosquito net and removable rain fly
Plenty of stakes
Stakes were good quality
Lots of tie down points
Vent holes in head section with velcro closures
Ring to hook a light
Storage pouch on inside

I liked how the tent unzipped along the length of it, instead of just opening from the end - like some tube tents do.

The bad:
Pole broke the second time I set it up
Took 15 minutes to setup - seems a little long
Seemed to sag in the middle a little too much
Vestibule not very big
Poles "have" to be put in a certain direction
Not free standing
Weighs over 5 pounds

I really liked this tent - and needless to say I was pretty mad when the pole split on only the second time I set it up. I can deal with the 5 pounds, even though it is a little heavy for a backpacking tent. But I can not deal with the pole splitting after only the second use.

I also think this tent has other problems. When I brought the tent back to Academy sports and outdoors, I went back to the tent section to see what new tents they got in. There were maybe 5 or 6 of these No Limits Sunlight Peak tents that looked like they had been returned and put back on the shelf. The boxes looked like they had packaging tape on the to seal them back up.

My personal opinion - when you see a lot of something that has been returned, there is something wrong with that item. Whether its a tent, sleeping bag or computer part. If you walk into a store and see a bunch of something that looks like its been opened and resealed - I suggest you stay away from those products, because there is a reason "why" they were returned.

I personally did not sleep in the tent, my son did. The No Limits Sunlight Peak tent was setup during the Meet and Greet in March of 2010. The next morning my son said that he slept well and had plenty of room. Using the tent at the meet and greet was a test run for some real camping trips that we are going on this summer. If the tent broke at the park, or was missing a part, it would have been easier to fix it there then 8 miles from the nearest road.

To be honest, I was a little sad when the tent was returned to the store. Its one of those things that you really like, but things just did not work out.

On the stuff sack - the compression straps that went around the tent would not compress. They were sewn in a way, that only allowed them to be tightened to a certain amount. So the compression sack is not "really" a compression sack.

Both of the tent poles were different lengths, and there was a different type of fitting on each end. So when the poles were being inserted into the tent, you had to be careful which pole was going on which end, and which end you inserted first. Just from my personal experience, I can see something like this causing problems when your having to put up a tent in the dark - or with only a flashlight. Things need to be simple.


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I just got this tent for Christmas. Unfortunately I haven't been able to set it up and check it out yet. I really appreciate the review - it gives me a good idea on what to expect on my next solo adventure. Especially with the poles - I know that I would have put at least one in wrong due to the fact I don't read instruction prior to putting anything together.
Keep it easy.
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